International advisors

Professor Erica Haimes

Professor Erica Haimes

Newcastle University

Interdisciplinary research on social, ethical and legal aspects of the life sciences; reproductive and genetic technologies.

Doctor Robin Williams

Northumbria University Centre  for Forensic Science

Social, ethical and public policy aspects of forensic DNA databases. Analyzes uses of the experts and epistemic authority regarding life sciences and biotechnology.

Professor Robin Williams

Dr. Amade M’Charek

University of Amsterdam

Pioneer in social studies of forensic science. Mainly involved in the study of DNA samples as evidence and inference of visible features in forensic identification.

Professor Erica Haimes

Dr. Claire Moon

London School of Economics

Social and legal perspectives on political transitions, post-conflict reconciliation, truth commissions, wars and forensic knowledge regarding human rights in Argentina, South Africa and Mexico.

Professor Barbara Prainsack

King’s College London

Analysis, interpretation and use of ‘biomarkers’, both in medical and forensic contexts. Involved in the societal and regulatory dimensions of forensic and bio-information exchange.